Seafood restaurant bringing its shrimp, fish and crab claws to United States

A seafood restaurant called The Shrimp Basket and based in Gulf Shores, Ala., is about 4 months from opening a showpiece location that becomes part of a brand-new development coming out of the ground in north Columbus.

Tentatively, we re taking a look at around January, Steven Evers, operations director for The Shrimp Basket, said Monday.

The restaurant is a piece of a job at 6059 Veterans Parkway simply south of Northside Medical facility and Hughston Center being developed by KW Commercial. The building includes a brand-new house for the Keller Williams Real estate River Cities office, in addition to a Dunkin Donuts outlet and additional space for lease. The Childcare Network, based in Columbus, already relocated its corporate head offices previously this year to a separate structure on the website.

Founded in 1993, the growing Shrimp Basket chain has about two lots restaurants in Alabama, Florida and Mississippi, with a major existence along the Gulf Coast and the Florida Panhandle. That includes areas in Panama City Beach, Destin and Fort Walton. The closest to Columbus is on South College Avenue in Auburn, Ala.

It s distance to Auburn definitely is a natural stepping stone, Evers said of The Shrimp Basket s coming entrance into the Columbus market, which would be its very first in Georgia. Also, the market research we did on the population and traffic count and all of those examples suggested that Columbus is a great market. Jack Hayes, a broker with KW Commercial, is working on the job. He stated construction on the 5,500-square-foot Shrimp Basket building should start within two to three weeks, with a goal of having the seafood restaurant open in early January, but no later on than Feb. 1. dennys near locations The restaurant will consist of 1,500 square feet of covered outdoor patio seating, with misting fans operating in the heat of the summer.

It s going to have a truly cool look, sort of that seaside seek to it, with the sturdy slab, metal shiny roofing, and Bahama shutters that kick out at a 45-degree angle, stated Hayes, discussing this will be the very first Shrimp Basket location built from the ground up. It is being funded by Southern States Bank.

They just induced a brand-new equity financier and they re seeking to take this to 70 restaurants in the next five years, Hayes stated of Shrimp Basket s expansion strategies. Typically, they have actually just entered what we call second-generation dining establishment space, which is an Olive Garden that fails or Johnny Carino s that fails, and after that they ll come in and re-purpose the dining establishment. However this is their first purpose-built restaurant and they ll kind of use this dining establishment here in Columbus as their showcase piece for when they re going into various markets. That means potential customers will have a look at the Columbus place and its unique style to provide them an idea of what the restaurant will appear like if they decide to buy one in their neighborhoods.

When it comes to The Shrimp Basket food itself, the company s site touts its overall menu, including shrimp, fish, crab claws, crawfish and po-boys, along with chicken and sandwiches for those not a seafood fan. The restaurant likewise points out a meal that includes a signature Roasted Red Pepper Bama Sauce over fettuccine pasta.

Daily specials on the site include all-you-can-eat steamed shrimp with shrimp slaw, corn and new potatoes for $14.99 on Tuesday; all-you-can consume fried fish served with shrimp slaw, hushpuppies, fritter and option of new potatoes, french fries or potato salad for $10.99 (whitefish) or $11.99 (catfish) on Monday and Thursday; and all-you-can-eat fried popcorn shrimp with shrimp slaw, hushpuppies, fritter and option of new potatoes, french fries or potato salad for $11.99 on Sunday and Wednesday.

The Shrimp Basket s motto is We re Grillin, Steamin and Fryin. For Dunkin Donuts, when it opens at some point in December, this will be the coffee and doughnut chain s fifth area in the market. It currently has three stores in Columbus on Manchester Expressway, Macon Roadway and Veterans Parkway near downtown. There likewise is one on Ingersoll Street on Fort Benning and another that just opened off U.S. Highway 280/431 (at the crossway of U.S. Highway 80) in a structure that also has a Domino s Pizza and a Title Pawn outlet.

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